Activities & leisure near Orléans

An establishment in the heart of the Beauceron cereal reserve :

Situated halfway between Orléans and Chateaudun, the Relais Saint Jacques of Tournoisis, is at the heart of the « little Beauce »formerly called « Beauce pouilleuse », simply because the soils are shallow and have a water retention capacity, inferior to the other ones in other parts of the Beauce.
With the arrival of irrigation in the 70’s, the production level of the lands increased considerably.
Tournoisis is situated on the “Wheat route” which allows the travelers to discover what constitutes one of the cereal “reserves” of France.
We will find on the website maps and programs.

Actor of the History of the Beauce :

The Relais Saint Jacques is also the home of several associations of historic vocation:
the site under construction will enable you to discover historical sites near to our village and explain the past life of men and women of this area.

Near to Orléans ...

In Orléans
The Hotel Groslot, 
• The Cathedral of Orléans, « an arrow over the city »,
• The Crypt St Aignan à Orléans,
• The Crypt St Avit à Orléans,
• The Museum of Fine Art in Orléans,
• The Natural History Museum in Orléans,
• The Historical and Archeological Museum of the Orléans country 
• The Campanaire Museum at St Jean de Braye,
• The Floral Park of Orléans-La-Source,
On the banks of the Loire
• The Arboretum of the Meadows of Culand at Meung-sur-Loire

And at the doors of the Loiret ...

The Loiret, in the Loire Valley, unites in the region the Centre, Land of the kings, Land of Chateaux, Land of varied Nature, Unusual Land, Land of Gastronomy and Land of Cool leisure through the Loire by bike. A stone’s throw away from our county, you can discover other architectural, cultural, natural and leisure treasures. We present some of these 
• In Chateaudun you can visit the chateau and its ornithologic museum which houses a collection of birds of the whole world.
• In Orgères en Beauce you can discover (the house of the Beauce” and its regularly renewed exhibitions, departure point for the « Wheat route »...

Among the festivities :
• The caravan of the Loire, itinerant show every 2 years alternating with the Loire Festival in Orléans (September – inquire with the Tourist Office)
• Jazz Festival in Orléans (June – inquire with the Tourist Office)
• Jeanne d’Arc festival in Orléans (from April 29th to May 8th – inquire with the Tourist Office), 
• The Son et Lumière of Cléry St André (July and August – inquire with the Tourist Office,
• 4000 km of pedestrian paths (inquire with the Tourist Office),
• 14 cyclo-tourist circuits (inquire with the Tourist Office),
• 450 km of equestrian routes (inquire with the Tourist Office),
• 760 km of streams and canals and 780 acres of lakes offer a real paradise for fishermen, 
• The watermill walk at Olivet (inquire with the Tourist Office), 
• 8 golf courses of 18 to 27 holes, in Sologne, in Orléans Forest, in the Gâtinais...
• The maze in Beaugency (July and August), at the doors of the Loiret